Convert Music

Click button at the top of Main window to switch to Music convert window, here you can freely convert music file.

3GP Video Converter allows you to convert all files with audio into MP3 format, you can directly convert audio file, or extract sound tracks from video and save as MP3 format.

Please follow below steps to convert music file:

1. Add Source File:

: Add the source file you want to convert, the source file may be audio or video file.

: Delete the selected file from source file list.

: Click to play the selected music file.

:Click to stop playing the current playback file.

2. Output Setting:

Output Format: Drop down click to select your desired output format, five items available: CD Quality MP3(CBR), High Definition Quality MP3(CBR), CD Quality MP3(VBR), High Definition Quality MP3(VBR), User Defined MP3.

Setting: Only activated for "User Defined MP3" format. Click to popup "MP3 Output Setting" box, here you can freely set the output MP3 file's properties, including MP3 mode, sample rate, channel, quality, bit rate.

3. Set Output Path:

The default output path is set to your hard disc "C" as "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music ", Click right beside "Output Path", you can re-set your desired output path on your hard disc. button helps you target your converted file immediately.

4. Convert

Click at the bottom of window, you will begin to convert the added files.

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