Convert Video

Click button at the top of Main window to switch to Video convert window, here you can freely convert video file.

3GP Video Converter allows you to convert multiple video files as 3GP-MPEG4 format to fit for your smart phone. The source file can be *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB.

The operation is very easy, just follow below main steps:

1. Add Video File:

: Click "Add" button to select the source video file you want to convert.

: Delete the selected file from source file list.

: Click to preview and play the selected video file.

:Click to stop playing the current playback file.

: preview the video while converting procedure

2. Output Setting:

Output Format: 3GP-MPEG4 for smart phones

Setting: Click to popup a box for video output setting, please refer to Video Output Setting.

3. Set Output Path:

The default output path is set to your hard disc "C" as "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Videos ", Click right beside "Output Path", you can re-set your desired output path on your hard disc. button helps you target your converted file immediately.

4. Convert

Click button at the bottom of window, you will begin to convert the added files.

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