Config Page

In Config interface, you can set Project Name, Audio Sample Rate, TV Mode,Display Mode, Aspect Ratio, Background Theme of Menu and Title.

  • • Project Name: Name a project file and display it as the lable of the output disc.
  • • Sample Rate: Set audio sample rate as 48KHZ or 96KHZ
  • • TV Mode: Set video standard as PAL or NTSC.
    NTSC--National Television System Committee, mainly used in Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, etc, with 720*480 resolution;
    PAL--Phase Alternating Line, mainly used in China, Hongkong, Middle East and Europe, with 720*576 resolution.
  • • Display Mode: Set video display mode as LetterBox or Pan & Scan.
  • • Aspect Ratio: Set aspect ratio as 4:3 or 16:9.
  • • Theme: Select default background image for menu and title.