General Issue:

Q1: How can I get the chapters of my DVD displayed in the list after loading DVD?

A: There is a mini display screen on the upper right side of the main screen. All the chapters on your DVD, under each title, will be displayed in the program list after you double-click it.

Q2: How can I select my desired language?

A: Click the "Option" button (the hammer) left beside "Start" button and select your desired language in the "Language" box.

Q3: How to get my output files directly in the output folder I set?

A: Set the output folder on your smart phone memory card as "Target". In this way, you will be able to find the output files directly in the output folder.

Q4: Can I choose some of my favourite chapters/subtitles to convert for my mobile phone?

A:Yes. By choosing the converting mode as "Customize", you can deselect any chapter/subtitle and keep only your favourite chapters/subtitles left to convert. The mini display screen on the right will help you make correct choice by displaying the chapters/subtitles for preview.




Trouble Shooting:

Please see Trouble Shooting to find the answer by yourself.