Advanced Settings

Move cursor to right bottom of Main Window, click Options icon , you will open “Options” dialog box to set interface language, switch burn engine, specify work space folder, output Event Log file or perform other advanced settings as per your requirements.

  • Select Language
    There are multiple language interfaces available for you to select. Drop-down click this option to select your desired language.
  • Select Burn Engine
    There are three burn engines available, the default one is VSO Burn Engine. You can drop-down click the “Burn Engine” option to freely select your desired burn engine.

  • The burning modes that these three burn engines support are described as below:
    • VSO Burn Engine: supports DVD-9 & DVD-5 burning;
    • Internal Burn Engine: supports DVD-5 burning only;
      • version or later for DVD-9 burning;
      • 5.10 version or later for DVD-5 burning

      If DVD-9 burning mission rejected, please check your DVD burner type first:
      a. You are using a dual-layer burner: please select VSO Burn Engine for burning;
      b. You are using a single-layer burner: if burn to disc, you must cut down your DVD movie within 4498 MB; or you can copy directly/create an image file to your hard disc.
  • Specify Work Space Folder
    CloneDVD needs a temporary work space on your hard disk when burning DVD movie or creating ISO image file("copy to hard disc folder" except). The default work space folder is your system Temp folder, you also can change to other folders as work space folder.

    Tip: Please check the available disk space first to make sure that there is enough space. If CloneDVD reports that there is not enough space, please empty the recycle bin, delete some temporary files or specify folders on the other disk with large enough space.

  • Misc: Here you can perform other advanced settings.
    Auto delete temporary files when finished: checked this option, the temporary files will be automatically removed from your computer after copy/burn finished.
    Auto turn off computer when finished: checked this option, your computer will be automatically turned off after copy/burn finished.