DVD Rip: When turn to the DVD Rip mode, users are allowed to edit and convert the DVD movie into various video formats for portable devices.

Step 1. Load DVD.

Click on the button-load dvd to load DVD movies you want to edit and convert.

load DVD movie

Note: If you want to combine several favorite DVD chapters into one, please select the "Merge" tab.

Step 2. Edit DVD.

You can edit your DVD movie for perfect playback by the useful buttons ‘Clip", "Edit" and "T". Let's try them one by one.

Clip: to clip any part of DVD movie into vide clips.

Click , the below box will pop up:


: Display your original DVD movie to help you decide the time points to start and end the clips.

: Stop displaying the DVD movie.

: Set clip start point.

: Set clip end point.

: Begin a new clip.

: show details of clips, such as clip numbers, Time Begin and Time End

: Click OK to finish your current clips and close the box. And all your clips will appear under the "DVD Ripping Info":

: Click to give up current clips.

Edit: rich DVD movie editing features included, like "Clip", "Crop", "Effect"."Subtitle" and "Watermark".

Click , below box will pop up:

edit box

Clip: Click on the "Clip" tab to turn to DVD clip area directly.

Crop: Click on the "Crop" tab to turn to resize output video by adjusting the 8 red points on the video screen.

Effects: Set video effects by adjusting brightness, hue, saturation and contrast.

Subtitle: Insert the srt file as subtitle.

Watermark: Add text watermark on your video.

Step 3. Convert DVD to various video formats.

Drop down output format to select your output video format or output device:

Click on the button to convert the edited DVD file quickly.

Note: Click the , you can custom make advanced settings on your output video.