Main Movie

Main Movie -- Copy main movie title only, with special features and extras omitted, to reduce target video file size.

CloneDVD will intelligently recognize and select main movie title only to copy. With built-in compress engine, CloneDVD will automatically compress and fit main movie into one blank DVD disc, if target disc size is less than main movie.

In this copy mode, you will not be allowed to select any other title or chapter, except the audio or subtitle, please refer to Select DVD Content, Audio and Subtitle.

Main Movie copy is variable as shown in below table:

Video Quality
Result & Solution
Target equal with main movie size DVD-5 to DVD-5
1:1 perfect copy to one disc
DVD-9 to DVD-9
1:1 perfect copy to one disc
Target less than main movie size DVD-9 to DVD-5
50% or higher
compress to one DVD-5 disc
less than 50%
* next step inactive, please try with:
a. remove unnecessary audio or subtitle;
b. change with blank DVD-9 disc;
c. switch to Customize or Split disc copy mode.

* Built-in compress engine, CloneDVD can compress and copy main movie to one DVD-5 disc. But if the target video quality is less than 50%, CloneDVD will refuse to compress to avoid bad video quality.