How to Register

If you are using a free evaluation version, below dialog will popup to prompt you to buy or register it. You will get a serial number from us shortly after you ordered CloneDVD.

Enter your registration information following these steps:

  • 1. Launch CloneDVD.
  • 2. Click "Register" in "CloneDVD Trial Version " popup menu.

  • 3. Input the registration information exactly as what you've got.

    User Name: Enter your full name here.

    E-mail: Enter your email address here.

    License code: Enter the license code here. Please copy and paste the serial number and DON'T type it manually because the serial number is a case sensitive text string and is difficult to distinguish.

    Note: Please type in your valid email address. It's highly recommended to enter your email address you used to fulfill the Purchase Form if you purchase it online. For the email address will help retrieve your serial number.

  • 4. Press the "Register" button, check your email address:
  • confirm email addres when registering CloneDVD
  • 5. Click the "Yes' button to unlock CloneDVD instantly.