Select Source File

CloneDVD supports copy from both DVD disc and DVD folder on hard disk. You can directly copy from a DVD disc, or specify an existing DVD folder on your hard disk to copy.

Note: Current version of CloneDVD does not support copy or burn DVD ISO image file. If you want to burn ISO image file, please use the original burn software bundled with your DVD burner.

Go to source area, drop-down click you can freely specify source DVD.

  • Specify DVD disc as source: All DVD drives even virtual drive on your PC will be shown in Source. After insert source DVD disc, the source DVD disc label and file size will be viewable.
    Tip: If CloneDVD fails to detect your DVD disc, please eject and reload it, if still fails, please exit CloneDVD first, play the disc with a DVD player, then stop playing and exit the DVD player, relaunch CloneDVD.
  • Browse DVD folder on hard disk as source: Click to specify an existing DVD movie folder on hard disk as source.
    Tip: Please specify root DVD folder as source, such as "MADAGASCAR", instead of its sub folders "Audio_TS" and "Video_TS".