Major Features

  • RPC-II Region-Free: It bypasses the RPC-II region protection of DVD drives, you can watch all-region DVDs on any DVD drives with a mismatched region code. You needn't change the region code any more.
  • RCE Region-Free: Removes RCE region protection from DVDs dynamically.
  • CSS-Free: Decrypts DVDs on the background.
  • Operation-Free: Removes UOPS(prohibited user operations) from DVDs.
  • No harm to your DVD drives: It just bypasses the copyright protection of the DVD drives without changing any parameters or the firmware of the DVD drives.
  • Works well with all DVD drives even if they are region-locked.
  • Works well with all DVD-Video Discs including no-file displaying discs.
  • Works well with all popular software DVD players: PowerDVD, WinDVD v7.0 and below, MS Media Player, RealPlayer, DirectDVD, UltraDVD, etc. You even can freely add other DVD play and copy/backup softwares in the "Applications" window.
  • Copy DVD to harddisk: Supports Copy CSS-encrypted DVD movies to harddisk