User Interface


  • • Source -- Specify source file as DVD disc or DVD movie folder.

  • • Target -- Specify target destination as your smart phone memory card or hard disk.

  • • Copy as -- default as 3GP movie file

  • • Converting Mode: Select your desired converting mode, three modes Entire Disc, Main Movie, and Customize are available.

  • • DVD-Video Size & DVD-Video Quality -- Display target 3GP movie size and video quality with percent number.

    Note: The 3GP movie file quality may differ according to your source, target and convert mode.

  • • DVD content --Display the target movie info, including target disc number, title info, duration time of each title, variable title checked-in as to different convert mode. Select one title and click it, all the chapters under this title will be visible.
    In "Customize" convert mode, you can freely select or deselect the desired or unneeded title/chapter.

  • • Audio and Subtitle Selection:
    1. 1.Audio-language --You will see all the audio-language of source movie disc. The coding manner and channels of each audio are also visible. You can deselect the unnecessary audio to save the target 3GP movie size or just leave the default all checked-in.
    2. 2.Subtitles -- You will see all the subtitles with relevant language of the source DVD movie. You can deselect the unnecessary subtitles to save the target 3GP movie size or just leave the default all checked-in.
    3. 3.Note: The default setting is that all subtitles and audio are checked-in.

  • • DVD Title / Chapter Preview: to preview the selected DVD title or chapter.

  • : Click "Start" button to begin to convert.