Convert DVD to MP4 Format for Blackberry

Specially designed for BlackBerry, it enables you to convert DVD to MP4 format for Blackberry, thus you can freely access video enjoyment on Blackberry phone.

Please follow below steps to convert DVD to MP4 format.

  1. 1.Select Source: Specify either DVD disc or DVD folder on hard disk as source.

  2. 2.Specify Target: Click to select destination folder on your hard disk.

  3. 3.Select Output Type: default is "MP4 - Blackberry " in "Copy as" box.

  4. 4.Movie File Setting. Click for movie file output setting.

  5. 5.Select Converting Mode. Select your desired converting mode.

  6. 6.Select DVD Content, Audio and Subtitle.

  7. 7.Click , you will begin to convert DVD file to MP4 format for Blackberry.