General Issue:

Q1: Besides DVD disc, can I load DVD Folder into the rogram? And how can I do that?

A: By the "Browse" button right beside "Source", you can open DVD Folder on your hard disc.

Q2: How can I select my desired language?

A: Click the "Option" button (the hammer) left beside "Start" button and select your desired language in the "Language" box.

Q3: How to get my output files directly in the output folder I set?

A: Set the output folder as "Target". In this way, you will be able to find the output files directly in the output folder.

Q4: How to avoid the short breaks during the output audio playback?

A: Maybe you have set a smaller value for audio bit rate, which is on the Setting panel right beside "Copy as". Please try a larger one for it. Generally speaking, the default value we offered can assure a good result.

Q5: Can I choose some of my favourite chapters/subtitles to convert for my iPad?

A:Yes. By choosing the converting mode as "Customize", you can deselect any chapter/subtitle and keep only your favourite chapters/subtitles left to convert. The mini display screen on the right will help you make correct choice by displaying the chapters/subtitles for preview.




Trouble Shooting:

Please see Trouble Shooting to find the answer by yourself.