FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

General Issue:

Q1: Besides DVD disc, can I load DVD Folder into the program? And how can I do that?

A: By the "Browse" button right beside "Source", you can open DVD Folder on your hard disc.

Q2: How can I get the chapters of my DVD displayed in the list after loading DVD?

A: There is a mini display screen on the upper right side of the main screen. All the chapters on your DVD, under each title, will be displayed in the program list after you double-click it.

Q3: Where are the other settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate?

A: On the top right, beside the words "Copy as ", there is a button called "Setting". An extended panel will show other settings after you click it. There are two solutions "High Quality (176X144) and "Good Quality (128X96) for your choice. Also you can edit the audio Bit Rate and Sample Rate and other item data as you need by choosing "Customize".

Q4: Can I choose some of my favourite chapters/subtitles to convert for my PSP?

A:Yes. By choosing the convert mode as "Customize", you can deselect any chapter/subtitle and keep only your favorite chapters/subtitles left to convert. The mini display screen on the right will help you make correct choice by displaying the chapters/subtitles for preview.