DVD X Player 5.3 New Feature

New Features

  • Perfectly playback the newly released DVDs which cannot be played before
  • Fixed some bugs

Convert Recorded Files

  • Convert the recorded file to various formats, such as .ASF, .PSP, .MPEG, .iPod, .AVI.
  • Detect the mobile device automatically, since you connect Apple iPod or Sony PSP. And will convert the file directly to Apple iPod or Sony PSP.

New Fashion Skins

  • Pretty and practical frames in the video window
  • Easy to use Advanced Panel and Floating Control Panel, for the convenience of your favored functions;
  • You'll find every thing new and fresh of our newly added skins. Most of the optional skins are fashionable colors in which will meet different users.

New Features

  • Record DVD Video/Audio: Record your favorite DVD movie into MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file for future viewing, video clipping or foreign language learning;

  • Smart Stretch: A new smart compensation technology, lets you enjoy any movie with 16:9 aspect ratio on any screen mode, without distortion;

  • Video Desktop: DVD video full screen display at desktop, enables you to work and watch DVD simultaneously;

  • CD Audio Playback: Play CD disc even no audio line connected, easy to use;

  • Preset Value for Color Adjustment: Different preset color value, allows you to freely change movie color as per your favorite or mode;

  • Playback Pictures as Slideshow: Much easier to access, directly launch by click "Open" -> "Playback pictures as Slideshow"

  • Special Audio Effect & Equalizer Preset Value: Add Echo and Amplify special audio effects; add 10 bands preset Equalizer value, including Classical, Club, Dance, Full Bass, Full Bass_Treble, Full Treble, Laptop, Large hall, Live, Loudness, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock, Techno, Custom, etc;

  • Visualization: Enables DVD X Player to display multi-colored shapes and patterns that change in harmony with the audio track being played

Added Supported Media Types

  • Support CDA(.CDA) file