Options - Video

  • Video Mode
    For this option, recommend to select “Auto”
    • Auto
      According the movies source DVD X Player will automatically select the deinterlace mode (Bob or Weave) to obtain better video quality.
    • Force Bob
      The movies is coded from interleaved signal (i.e. 30fps/NTSC or 25fps/PAL) is played under the mode.
    • Force Weave
      It is suited for the “movies content” coded from the original film (i.e. 24fps).

  • Others
    • Enable hardware accelerating
      Set this function to enable, DVD X Player can utilize the hardware accelerating to obtain better performance.
    • Enable OSD
      Select hiding or display OSD. OSD is short for on screen display. Check this option to display prompt necessary message on the video window when you operate DVD X Player.
    • Switch to full screen mode when play
      Set the function to enable, when you play movies, the window will automatically switch to full screen mode.
    • Show time on video window
      Select hiding or display time on video window.
    • Show left media time
      Select hiding or display left time on video window

  • Default
    Reset all options above to their initial values.