Playing VCD and SVCD

1. To play VCD/ SVCD, insert the disc into the drive.

2. If you have enabled AutoPlay, the disc will start playing immediately.

3. To move to a specific channel, select from the left-right-up-down-enter section on Navigation Sub-Panel .

4. Insert a VCD / SVCD into the drive and start DVD X Player. Click Play. Ensure that it is set to correct source drive. If not, click on Source button and select the right DVD ROM drive.

5. After the VCD / SVCD movie start to play, a movie menu will be shown on the screen depend on the content of the disc and you may select the one you want to see by mouse click.

6. Since all VCD / SVCD have navigator functions, you can use navigating cursor of the Sub-Panel to brows the contents.
7. If the disc support, click on Next or Previous will skip to the next or previous chapter.