Special Features

Besides the DVD player’s standard functions you wish, DVD X Player also provides multiple special functions.


1. Visualization

DVD X Player supports Visualization effect, displays multi-colored shapes and patterns that change in harmony with the audio track being played.

Right click video window, select "Visualization"->"Alchemy"->"Random" to launch Visualization.

Click "Off" to exit Visualization, video window will resume to default DVD X Player logo window.


2. Video Control

DVD X Player supports multiple video display mode, right click video window and select Video Window, you can freely switch among different video modes:

Keep Aspect Ratio: Keep aspect ratio of the video

Smart Stretch: Watching any DVD movie at 16:9 ratio on any screen mode, remove distortion and improve video quality

Video Desktop: DVD video full screen display at desktop, enables you to work and watch DVD simultaneously

Always on Top: Always on top display video


3. Repeat

You can repeat watching a chapter or a title by selecting the Repeat option from right-clicking menu or click the Repeat button on Navigator Panel.


4. AB Repeat

DVD X Player supports AB Repeat function, which allows you to freely repeat your favorite segment.

1. Set A Point

Click AB Repeat button on Navigator Panel, or go to right click menu, select "Repeat"-> "Set A Point" to set A point;

2. Set B Point

Click again, or go to right click menu, select "Repeat"-> "Set B Point" to set B point, DVD X Player will repeat playback from A point to B point.

3. Repeat Off

Click once again, or go to right click menu, select "Repeat"-> "Repeat Off", you will turn off AB repeat, resume to normal playback status.


5. Learning Mode:

DVD X Player supports learning mode, which is helpful for you to learn foreign language.

Go to right click menu, click "Repeat"-> "Learning Mode" to popup below learning mode setting dialog:

Duration: Set repeat duration time.

Repeat Times: Set repeat times.

Click OK, DVD X Player will begin to repeat playback as per you have set in Learning Mode Setting.


6. Auto Resume Play

During playback status, click Stop , DVD X Player will stop playing the current DVD movie, click Play again, DVD X Player will auto resume play DVD to eject below dialog:

Play from last posiiton: Auto resume play DVD from last position

Play from beginning: Not resume play, play from the beginning


7. Play at Specified Time

Go to right click Menu, click "Go to" -> "Specified Time" to pop up below box:

You can input the accurate time to jump to play the specified position.


8. DVD X Player Audio options

DVD Player offers many audio output modes for your choice. You may select the right audio output mode according to your computer configurations. Choices for output mode include:

For audio output changing, please refer to Audio Setting page.

For special audio effect or preset Equalizer value, please refer to Equalizer Panel.