Convert Photo

Click button at the top of Main window to switch to Photo conversion window, here you can freely convert picture file.

You can convert multiple pictures including *.BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TIF, *.PNG to JPEG format, and you can freely set the output picture's resolution to change output picture's file size. The operation is very easy, just follow below main steps:

1. Add Picture:

: Select the picture you want to convert.

: Delete the selected picture from source file list.

: Click a picture in file list, you can preview the selected picture in left Preview window.

2. Output Setting:

Output Format: set as "JPEG" format by default.

Resolution: set as "800x600" by default , you can also drop down click to set resolution as"1024x768".

Quality: set as "100%" by default.

3. Set Output Path:

The output path can be set as hard disk according to your request.

4. Convert

Click at the bottom of window, you will begin to convert the added pictures.