Technical Support

Before asking for our technology supports you should have browsed this online help carefully. We have collected a list of Frequently Asked Question for each application, please refer to the relative help file.

.If your questions cannot be solved yet, please collect the following information and E-mail us. We will respond you as soon as possible:

  • • Product Order Number
  • • The sub application name and version number
  • • Windows Operating System’s version
  • • Hardware configuration (sound card, VGA card, Image Capturing card) and their specifications
  • • The error message (screenshot welcomed)
  • • The time and process descriptions about your troubles

    Screen shot of the error message and displaying window are strongly welcomed, please follow below steps to print error screen:

    1. Click Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint to open Paint program;
    2. Activate the error window, press "PrintScreen" key in the key board;
    3. Copy and paste the captured screen in Paint, then save it;
    4. Attach the screen shot image in your email to us.

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