Synchronize to iPhone

iPhone Video Converter enables you to easily multimedia files to your iPhone. Once you connect your iPhone mobile device to the computer, iPhone Video Converter will automatically set iPhone device as the Target, then you can directly convert the source files to your iPhone.

Please follow below steps to Synchronize to your iPhone.

  1. 1. Add: Add the source file you want to convert, the source file may be audio or video file.

    Delete: Delete the selected file from source file list.

  2. 2. Output Format: Drop down click to select your desired output format.

  3. 3. Set Output Path:

    The default output path is set to iPhone when iPhone is connected with computer.

    Location: click "Location" you can quickly open the output folder and access the converted music file.

  4. 4. Convert

    Click "Start " button at the bottom of window, you will begin to convert the added files.

  5. 5. Synchronism

    After the operation is completed, the Synchronism dialog box will pop up.