clonedvd cooperation


Our technology licensing and OEM programs are developed with you in mind. Now you can leverage our technology to enhance your own software development. Currently Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios) offers four partnership paradigms:

OEM bundling :
DVD X Studios offers affordable software bundling and high-quality technology service to our OEM clients, especially Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios)'s products are applicable to PC & peripheral equipment companies, such as Desktop Computers, DVD-ROM and DVD Burners manufacturers.
Software and hardware vendors can cost-effectively fill in their product offerings by bundling DVD X player. We are confident that you will benefit greatly from our excellent DVD player.

Co-branding and re-branding :
If you are interested in leveraging the existing brand recognition, we can help you develop co-branded or re-branded solutions. You can regularly distribute our products under your brand or employ joint branding with Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios), Inc.

SDK licensing :
Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios), Inc. decides to share their Decoder SDK and Playback SDK licensing in 2004. Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios)'s time-proven technology enables you to enhance your video software solution. By means of our SDK you can easily save cost and time to develop your softwaret.

Customized solutions:
Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios), Inc. provides whole solution for cusomters to fulfill your either personalized or business requirement, relating digital video and audio software products which help you to record, edit, author and play digital multimedia content on PCs.

Distributor for retail :
Aviosoft (formerly DVD X Studios) is seeking distributors/agencies to sell our software products all over the world. If you are a software distributor/agency and interested in our products, please contact us