Use Movie Player to Copy DVD to ipod

I love watching movies from all over the world – all the latest blockbusters from Hollywood and also foreign films so getting the right movie player that is a hd dvd player was what I really needed. I checked out many dvd player reviews on the internet and found the DVD X player. It so happened my colleague recently also was interested in buying a movie player and did extensive research on dvd player reviews which was great for me and he told me to get the DVD X Player also! It saved me so much time from scanning through all these dvd player reviews and thank goodness I wasn’t disappointed!

Getting this hd dvd player allowed me to copy my DVDs into MPEG2 files which made it possible to make copies for keep without any changes in the audio or video effect – making a good copy is important to me as I’m really particular about the quality. I was able to compact the video content but the video effect was just the same as my original. The copies made were good video and audio (Dolby & DTS) quality. The MPEG2 files can be burned directly into DVD for backup so I can keep the original and prevent original DVD from damage. I actually never knew how important it was to be able to do this until I had kids. I like making copies for keeps and share them with friends and family. But the other reason was that the kids would throw all their DVDs around and make scratches as they watch their movies and cartoon over and over again. I let them play the copies so that the master original is always kept with me and away from them.

Being a foreign film fanatic the movie player could unlock all DVD region codes – namely Region1, Region 2, and Region 3. It means I can watch all the films from my region 1 in USA and all the Europeans movies in region 2 as well as some Asia countries in region 3 – good for reading my favorite action movies !

It was able to convert the video files recorded to iPod-MP4 which meant I was able to get the DVD to ipod format – so that I can carry that around with me with me which is so much better for me. Getting the DVD to ipod means I can take that on holidays with me , take it to work and keep it on my ipod so I can see it during my lunch times. As well as from DVD to ipod which I use the most, the DVD X Player supports recording DVD on most of the popular portable devices such as iPhone and BlackBerry which my wife uses also.