How to copy as DVD with CloneDVD

1. Specify the source location as the DVD drive.

2. Select the target location as the DVD burner.

3. Choose the right output size. (There are three output size including 3.95GB, 4.7GB, 8.5GB.)

4. Select the preferred copy mode.(When output size is selected as 8.5GB, the split disc is not available.)

5. Check the outputl DVD movie size. (If the original movie size is illogically small or large, please email Technical Support with the movie name, region code, size, publish time)

6. Check the Target Video Quailty. (If the target video quality is less than 50%, CloneDVD will refuse to compress to avoid bad video quality.)

Entire Movie

Note: The default work space is on C drive. Maybe you will encounter that the work space is not enough to take the movie, please follow the below screenshot to respecify the work space folder.


Click on the option button which likes a harmer neighbored with Start Button. The following window will come up


In this window, you could switch to another Burn Engine and respecify the work space folder.

Now let's get down to start burn. There are 2 step to finish the process of cloning DVD. The following screenshot is for the 1st step (Copy)


After the 1st step finished, you will get the below window to remind you insert the blank disc to take the original DVD movie. Please be sure that the disc is writable and have enough room to take the movie file. Then Click on [Yes] to go to step 2. (Note: It will take a couple of seconds to read the blank disc, maybe [the insert disc] will come up for several times. Please keep clicking on [Yes].)


Let's go to step 2


Here we complete the whole process of cloning DVD.


If any further question, please feel free to contact us.