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Rip copy DVD to Computer Stick for playback on any HDMI devices. Some people do not know that how to transfer your movie DVD from istick to iPad. First you need to download a DVD to iStick Ripper software. What is best DVD to iStick Ripper? This article will guide you how to rip copy movie DVD to iStick.
iStick is an USB flash drive special designed for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you’d like to play a movie DVD on DVD player then you want to save your iPad space you will need to rip copy movie DVD to iStick. Yet, you also didn’t like to play movie DVD on iPad through iStick , you will need a DVD to iStick Ripper to rip DVD to iStick/iPad supported video formats (eg. MP4, M4C, MOV, MPG).

iStick – This is the only through the apple MFi (Made for iPhone, iPod, iPod) certification of external storage product called iStick, equipped with a lightning interface iStick can greatly expand the apple equipment storage capacity, highest can have 128 GB can choose. Look from the exterior, iStick there is not a special place, and ordinary U disk on the market is very similar, just at the other end of the USB port and a lightning plug. Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick and Android stick are growing in popularity speeds up the developing of more new stick products to some extent, like Intel Corporation has just announced its new generation of stick product – Intel Computer Stick[1] at 2015 CES, which is pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and onced pluged into a HDMI monitor or smart TV, a fully functional computer takes shape.

Download CloneDVD  DVD to Computer Stick Ripper

clonedvd-download-win clonedvd-download-mac
How to Rip Copy DVD to Computer Stick
First , Install CloneDVD DVD to stick Ripper on your pc, and put movie DVD into the DVD drive, insert the computer stick into the USB port:

Step 1. Load DVD File.
Load any DVD disc, ISO image file and VIDEO_TS folder can be converted to computer stick. Click the relatively button on the left top interface to add source DVD file.
Step 2. Choose Output Format.
Choose an output format as MP4 then according to your favorite effect by setting video size, video quality, audio channel, audio quality, etc.
(MP4 is generally recommeded), or copy DVD movie at “Backup DVD” category.
Step 3. Save the Ripped DVD Video
You can save it to computer stick flash drive. Or, save it on your pc and stream it to other HDMI screens through computer stick’s wi-fi feature.
Step 4. Hit RUN to Set off Ripping DVD to Computer Stick
Thanks to the support for Multi-core CPU and Super Encode Engine, DVD to computer stick video will be ripped at super fast speed, with unmatchable quality.

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