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How to recover DVD with ARccOS Bad Sectors during DVD Clone

How to deal with DVD with AEccOS bad sectors  while cloning DVD? If you have DVD with bad sectors, will you consider to try to use some DVD decrypting software? The ripping tool can turly help you ...
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How to Copy Badly Scratched DVD on Windows with High Quality and Fast Speed

If you are a movie fan, you might have got tons of DVDs filling the shelves. If you a parent with a naughty kid who always sneaks into your room and messes up your DVD discs, you might goes crazy a...
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How to Copy and Backup DVD How to Train Your Dragon 2 with High Quality

This June seems quite interesting and funny since several American blockbusters will unveil such as The Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a 2...
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Free DVD Copying Software Download to Burn Copy Protected DVDs to ISO Image

When mentioned the free free CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray burning application, most people would think of the ImgBurn or HandBrake, both of which has the functions of reading and verifying discs, writing ...
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How to Fast Get Rid of Extras in DVD Movies

The information era is a fast-paced world crammed with advertisements and also full of rubbish info people essentially do not need. Billboards and handbills scattered here and there. Sometimes you ...
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How to Copy Protected DVD without Any Copy Limitation

Have you ever been bothered by unable to copy protected DVD? Have you ever found yourself in such a dilemma of avoiding being pressed for returning the borrowed DVD? Have you ever desire to share s...