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How to Convert DVD Movies to Xbox 360 Formats with Ease

As a video game console, Xbox 360 and its brand new successor Xbox One can do much more than this. Browsing web page, communicating with friends and streaming videos are all its strong points. Besides, Xbox 360 supports video playback. What about playing your DVD movies on Xbox 360? It’s a bold but possible-to-realize thought. If you have a pile of DVDs and a widescreen Xbox 360 and have a strong wish to watch and enjoy more High-quality videos/movies on the go.

Well, that can be very easy with DVD Ripper from CloneDVD Studio, Which enables you to bypass the DVD copy protection and convert DVD to Xbox 360 friendly formats, say MPEG4, AVI, H.264, compatible video formats without hassle. It can also rip your DVD video to virtually any format such as MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, ASF, MPG, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are a Mac user, you can turn to DVD Ripper for Mac, which can help you rip DVD movies to Xbox 360 on Mac OS X, both Mountain Lion and Mavericks are included. Now download the right version according to your operating system and follow the guide below to rip DVD to Xbox 360 with ease.

Download DVD to Xbox 360 Converter:

clonedvd-download-win clonedvd-download-mac

How to Rip and Convert DVD Movies to Xbox 360 MP4 with High Quality

Note that the guide below uses DVD Ripper windows version screenshots. If you want to put DVD movies on Xbox 360 on Mac, the method is almost the same. You just need to download the right version according your computer’s operating system.

Step 1. Import DVD movies to the Program

After downloading the DVD ripper, you can rip DVD to Xbox 360 so as to be able to playback movies offline smoothly. Insert a DVD into your DVD-ROM, and click “Load DVD” button, you can select and import the DVD movies you want to rip to this software.


Step 2. Specify the Output Format and Output Path

From the drop-down list of “Output Format”, from the sub-category, you can choose the most appropriate output format. For the best quality and compatibility, select the MPEG4 format as the final output format. Meanwhile, specify a destination folder to save the converted video files.


Step 3. Start ripping DVD to Xbox 360

Click Start to start converting your collected DVD movies to Xbox 360 playable video files. When the conversion finishes, put them to your Xbox 360 for enjoyment on-the-go.