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How to Convert and Burn MKV to DVD in Windows (Win8 Included)

Due to its flexibility, open standard and advanced features, MKV video, also called Matroska video, is being widely used for content distribution today, especially for high definition (HD) videos and starts to take a greater share in the video territory. Many streaming videos or HD videos downloaded from internet come with .mkv extensions. However, owning to its incompatibility with most DVD players and a large number of media players without necessary plug-ins, it is not easy to find stand alone DVD player that can playback 1080p Full-HD MKV video. In such cases, you need a powerful MKV to DVD burner to complete the task.

To convert MKV to DVD, You can use DVD Creator released by CloneDVD Studio, which helps you to convert and burn MKV files to DVD movies at blazing speed and high quality. Furthermore, for those people who would like to make stylish DVD movies from MKV files, this DVD burning software also offers you flexible video editing function, like free DVD menu templates, adjusting parameter, etc. Apart from MKV, this powerful MKV to DVD converter also supports to create DVD movies from other popular video formats, such as MOV, MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, and etc.

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How to Convert MKV to DVD with Ease


1. Add MKV Files to the MKV to DVD Converter

After download, installing the MKV to DVD burner, launch it and click “Add Title” button to load MKV files to the app. Since DVD Creator supports batch conversion, you can add more than two MKV videos at a time.


2. Edit Videos (Optional)

This is an optional step, if you want to keep the original MKV files, and then skip this. If you want to make stylish DVD movies, you can click the click the “DVD Setting” icon on the Preview Window tool bar to reset DVD movie parameters, like Video Output Format (PAL/NTSC/NTSC-Film), Encoding, Bitrate, Aspect, Audio Volume Change, Channels, etc. Also, you can choose a proper DVD menu to fit your DVD movie theme; and you can add background music and background images to author a personalized DVD menu.


3. Specify “Target” and “Copy As”

You should specify a folder form the drop down-list of “Target” to save the converted DVD movies. Meanwhile, do not forget to set the “Copy As” to specify the copy type (DVD/DVD Image) of the converted MKV movies.


4. Convert MKV to DVD

When everything gets done, click the “Preview” icon to see how the whole DVD looks like and insert a DVD disc into your DVD-ROM. Then click “Start” to convert MP4 to DVD.


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Learn More about MKV

What is MKV?

MKV video, also called Matroska video, is flexible and open source container format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file and is widely used to store movies and TV shows. The file extensions of Matroska files are .mkv (video files with subtitles and audio tracks), .mka (audio files), .mks (subtitles) and .mk3d (stereoscopic video). And, MKV video is also the most acceptable HD video on the internet. It is due to MKV video efficient space and bandwidth usage, even WebM video is based on MKV format.