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How to Convert and Play MTS Files on Windows 8.1 with High Quality

Windows 8.1, a major update of the current Windows OS, adds many useful tweaks and fixes, such as an improved app store, a better searching tool, the better multitasking ability of directly booting to the desktop, and a built-in SkyDrive, giving Window fans a fresh world of touchscreen entertainment and keeping all files with them, from any of their PCs or devices, of course including their MTS files.

What is MTS file? It stands for a camera recorder format that has greatly high definition images and can preserve all details of your subjects. Perhaps you are a big fan of such HD-format movies and constantly do MTS video converting jobs. But have you recently been troubled by frustration problem of your randomly adopted MTS converting software for the newest Windows OS? That’s a hint for you to get a more professional Windows 8.1 MTS video converter to convert and play your MTS files on Windows 8.1 fast and well. Here just name you one well-received MTS converter CloneDVD Video Converter. If you are using Mac, please turn to the Video Converter for Mac.

Download MTS to Windows 8.1 Converter:

clonedvd-download-win clonedvd-download-mac

How to convert and Play MTS Files on Windows 8.1 with high quality

Step 1: To prepare for your MTS files converting, download CloneDVD Video Converter first and launch this program on your Windows 8.1. Click “Add Video” button in the main interface to import your MTS file.


Step 2: Select your desired target format. As you can see from the format list, the app supports various output format and devices. You can convert MTS to MP4/AVI/WMV on your Windows 8.1, or convert MTS files for playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.


Step 3: Hit the button “Start” and sit back waiting for this powerful Windows 8.1 MTS converter finishing the converting task.