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How to Convert MTS to QuickTime MOV on Mac (OS X Mavericks Included)/Win (Win 8 Included)

I’m working with a Canon Vixia HG20 HD camcorder, Mac 10.4.11, and iMovie HD 6. The camera is not recognized by iMovie, but I figured that would happen. So I’m left with a bunch of .mts files on the camera. Is there some program that can completely and freely convert MTS files into MP4 or MOV, etc? Thank you. -From Yahoo Answer

Why we need to convert MTS to MOV? Suppose you have tried many ways to import MTS/M2TS clips from you HD camera to iMovie, or you want to import these cam files to your QuickTime/iPad/iPhone for playback but achieved a total failure, so you may feel disappointed and puzzled how to continue, and how you can get a solution. Generally speaking, those happened because the resolution of the MTS/M2TS is unsupported because of the MTS files being raw. In a word, videos shot by HD camcorder are in MTS format, which cannot be directly played on Mac, not to mention iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. In cases like these, what you should do is to convert MTS to MOV, MP4 to help you out such dilemma.

When choosing the MTS to MOV Converter, professional one would be preferred by most of us because it balances the converting ability, output video quality and converting speed as well as qualified after-sale service well. In this consideration, Video Converter, released by CloneDVD Studio, one possible solution that definitely worth your time to give it a try, is required in the MTS to MOV conversion, which has been practiced successfully by thousands of CloneDVD users. if you are using Mac, you can turn to the Video Converter for Mac. Here we go to find how it works:

Download MTS to MOV Converter:

download-win download-mac

How to convert MTS Videos to QuickTime MOV Files on Windows 8 with Ease

Here is the detailed way to convert MTS files to MOV on Windows. The equivalent way to change MTS to QuickTime MOV on Mac OS X is the same. Just make sure that you have downloaded the right version according to your needs.


Step 1. Import MTS Files to the MTS to MOV Converter

After download and installing the program, launch it and click “Add Files” icon to import your MTS videos to the video converter. Or you can hit the “Download YouTube Video” button on the tool bar to directly download MTS files from video-share website LIKE Yahoo and YouTube. Batch convert supported, so you can convert more than two MTS files at a time. And you can also preview the videos.


Step 2. Edit the MTS Movies (Optional)

A number of video editing functions are provided, letting you personalize your original MTS videos freely. First click the Edit button beside each video clip to open the video editing window, and then you can reset the Codec, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channel, as well as Video/Audio Bitrate, etc. clip video segments, adding subtitles, watermark and adjusting Brightness, Hue, Saturation as well as Contrast, etc.


Step 3. Select MOV as the Output Format

Afterwards, navigate the “Output Format” at the bottom to select MOV as the output file format. Other popular output formats included MP4, WMV, AVI, M4V, MPEG-2 and many more. And if you want to convert MTS format to MOV for playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., just click Devices and set the corresponding mobile device as the output file format to convert MTS videos to fit your device. Meanwhile, remember to set the “Output Path” to specify a destination folder to save the converted video files.


Step 4. Start the MTS to MOV Conversion

When all the above steps are finished, click the “Start” button to start converting your MTS movies to MOV. After that, you can freely play the MOV video files with QuickTime/iTunes or edit them in Final Cut Pro/iMovie, etc.


Learn More about MTS/M2TS Formats

MTS is a HD video format commonly used on HD camcorders, AVCHD, and blue ray disc, as a container file format, it is based on a transport stream container known as MPEG-2 and uses .MTS as a file extension. M2TS is a filename extension that is used for the MPEG-2 transport system in Blu-ray disc audio-video container file format. M2TS files are raw HD videos that are recorded using mostly Sony, Panasonic and canon AVCHD camcorders; both MTS and M2TS file extensions support 1080i and 720p HD video formats and cannot support to play on Mac operating systems, so have to be converted to MOV or MP4 format to play on iPhone, iPad, iPad, etc.