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DVD Drive Solutions – Why Is the DVD Drive Not Working

Is your built-in PC DVD drive does not work properly? Or is it a standalone DVD drive or player that you have that’s not working? Did an error message popped-up when you insert your DVD? Have you tried to rectify the error but failed? Besides mechanical or hardware error, the last thing you should be worried about, At least double-check what’s wrong with it first before declaring it’s officially down and sending it off to the workshop. There’s a few solutions listed out below that you can give it a trial before dropping it off at the service center.


Solution One: Perform a thorough check on the drive and DVDs

First we shoulder pay attention to the tiny basic things that might have lead to the DVD drive malfunction. Have you screened through if the DVD’s drive is dusty or dirty? Did you take a look at the DVDs themselves in case of scratched? Is the memory storage space not enough so as not available to support the DVD play back process? Are the DVDs meant for playing back at the region you’re in and whether it’s compatible with your DVD drive or player? Are the DVD files format or codec supported? If it’s an external DVD drive or player, have you make sure that the USB cable is firmly attached and the USB port is working? Did you try to play or watch the DVD on a different drive or player?

Give all the malfunction possibilities mentioned above a good thorough check and normally it’ll be able to solve your DVD problems. In the end, you might only have to clean the drive or give the DVDs a nice wipe. At most, replace the USB cable or use an alternative USB port. However, you’ll need to move on to the other solutions provided if there’s a specific error message prompted such as incompatible video standards, file formats or codec.


Solution Two: Create or burn your own DVD

If the DVD that you’ve purchased (or received as a gift) is locked down by regions, you’ll need to create or burn your own DVD and set the video standards to the ones that match your region of residence. That’s for instance; NTSC for North and South America whereas PAL’s for Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia. The other commonly used video standard is SECAM. The DVD creator will be able to help you create or burn your own DVD as well as to set the video standards (i.e. convert PAL to NTSC or vice versa) so it’ll be compatible with your DVD drive. Besides a physical DVD creation, you’re given the choice to save your DVD files in an ISO file image. Continue reading on how to use the DVD Creator to start creating or burning your own DVDs.

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Solution Three: Convert your DVD files format

You’ll need to resort to the Video Converter if you’re reading an error message stating that the file formats and codec is not recognized or something similar along the lines. Other than being able to convert your DVD files up to 30X faster than other converters, you’ll also be rest assured of the lossless quality. Other than that, you can also convert your DVD files to an MP4 format (an optimized file format for portable devices) or any other preferred output format to suit your playback or viewing preference. It’ll also be your ideal tool for downloading online clips from YouTube.

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