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How to Convert MKV to HTC Aria with Ease

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MKV video, also wel-known as Matroska video takes lots of advantages on modern codec. And some users would like to rip Blu-ray movie to MKV or convert AVCHD M2TS recordings to MKV to maximally preserve video quality. Although MKV is more and more popular on computer, and even Windows 7 supports playback MKV video natively, you may find the HTC Aria does not recognize MKV files. This is because MKV is just a container format which can contain various codecs, only a small subset of which (e.g. H.264, Xvid) the HTC Aria can play.

In fact you simply need a power Video Converter software to transcode your MKV video to HTC Aria recognizable video format, for instance convert MKV to MP4. CloneDVD Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) is just masterful at the job of converting MKV to HTC Aria.

Download MKV to HTC Aria Converter:

clonedvd-download-win clonedvd-download-mac

How to Play and Watch MKV on HTC Aria

Step 1: Import your target HD MKV video by clicking Add File button.


Step 2: Choose To HTC or MP4 as output formt. Set output destination by clicking Browse button.


Step 3: Right click Start button to begin your MKV to HTC Aria conversion.