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iPhone 7 may appear the five new feature

Probably the largest iPhone 7 upgrade points is the screen

Everyone began to guess the iPhone 7 what will give us a surprise, Ok, let’s serious “forecast”. Compared with iphone6, apple fans have begun to look forward to next year’s iPhone 7, what apple will bring us revolutionary change?


As the Indian market iPhone hot high fever is not retreated, 6 s series sales hit a record high, it also left a plenty of time to apple to finely grind the iPhone 7. Let’s together to tally up the iPhone on 7 possible five new features.

Probably the largest iPhone 7 upgrade points is the screen. According to foreign media reports, samsung may become the iPhone screen suppliers, 7 with OLED screen. But the rumor has been denied by kgi analyst, so don’t hold so big of hope

Although apple for the iPhone 6 s series introduced a new 3 d Touch, but the screen is still bad, contrast is one of them.

Apple’s recent products such as iMac, 4 k and 5 k screen is a procession on the resolution, let many competitors, helpless, and the Pro in contrast has reached a certain level. So apple absolute powerful better screen to us.

In addition, apple for the iPhone’s screen is added recently introduced the antireflective coating. Of course, well-worn sapphire screen is also likely to be.

Another important point of upgrade is the camera. As we all know, the camera is lifting the competitive power of the mobile phone has become the most important part of, and with the great progress in the field of the major manufacturers, the iPhone on the camera lead is gradually faded.

Allegedly, there will be a huge jump in iPhone 7 quality, even with similar SLR lens group structure

In addition, from the Business Insider news, according to the iPhone will upgrade to 7 series of six sections of lens, it can greatly improve the quality of the camera.

Pixel is also one of the 7 iPhone camera upgrade points, allegedly iPhone 7 will be upgraded to 16 million pixels. In addition, carry on the next generation processor A10 ISP (image processor) performance will have a larger ascension.

According to the tradition of apple, the new generation of iPhone 7 will use new design language, bring us a new look.

Since its launch, has been a tide gauge in the industry. Foreign media said that apple have the patent of the arc screen, most likely at 7 on the iPhone. The iPhone 7 can capture everyone’s attention, again remains to be seen


Believe it or not, the iPhone 7 is likely to have a great progress on water proofing property. Can, after all, it’s easy to consumers in a wet environment using mobile phone, also can be truly with Apple Watch seamless connection.

According to the tradition of apple, the iPhone will have great progress, what apple can we set out a plate of food, in the third quarter of 2016 decided

According to the tradition of apple, the iPhone will have great progress, what apple can we set out a plate of food, in the third quarter of 2016.


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