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LG G5 release: match Xiao dragon 820 processor/removable battery

As LG’s new flagship product, the G5 hardware configuration is very strong, in addition its auxiliary accessories products is also quite rich

LG released the latest generation of flagship model G5, while at the same time with the G5 appearance also includes many accessories and modular plug-ins. Although the G5 is not as interesting as the Samsung Galaxy S7, but it can be said to be the most one of the highlights of smart phones during MWC. This article in addition to talk about something about the LG G5 mobile phone we will guide you how to rip/copy DVD to LG G5 to play DVD movies disc.

lg_g5 lg_g5_1

First of all, LG G5 with integration of the whole aluminum body design, it looks like a small Nexus 6 p. At the same time, like the Nexus 6 p LG will position of fingerprint sensor design on the back of the fuselage, and convex also USES the camera part design. In addition, LG G5 with the anodized aluminium body, and increase the gold and silver two kinds of color, at the same time also has a remarkable effect of 2560 x 1440 resolution display. Thanks to a 5.3 -inch display, so the pixel density is slightly higher than the G5 flagship G4 Nexus 6 p or generation. One-piece metal shell can also guarantee the signal strength.

Core configuration, LG G5 equipped with flagship qualcomm Xiao dragon 820 processor and 4 gb of memory, but also the main camera has 16 million pixels and 8 million degrees 8 million pixels wide Angle front-facing camera. Two cameras besides can be up to their task separately, you can also shoot the interesting combination collocation and multilayer photos. In addition, the G5 camera before and after the switch is very fluent, coupled with the built-in camera software and function optimization, LG in the progress on the camera is very obvious.

Other configuration, the G5 provides 32 gb storage, support the microSD card extension, equipped with a USB – C interface, with a capacity of 2800 mah battery, the maximum thickness is 8 millimeter, the fuselage screen maximum brightness 900 nits. But for LG, the most exciting place the G5 lies not in the configuration, but in LG called “friends” additional modules

The two new parts can be directly inserted to the bottom of the G5, through special keys can take out the battery module, battery from the module will be removed at the same time, he then changed into new battery after back to G5. The whole process of replacement is very convenient and saves the time to replace the battery.

First a plug-in module named LG Cam Plus auxiliary plug-in is a photograph, extra battery components are included. LG Cam Plus special offers physical taking pictures, special video button, LED lights and focal length adjustment control device. Although still pictures is given priority to with the G5 itself two cameras, but this amount, modular accessories can bring users from six to eight hours of battery life, increased to 4000 from 2800 mah.

And the other a modular parts named LG Hi – Fi Plus is a 32 bit DAC converter and amplifier combination accessories, and cooperate with famous speaker manufacturer B&O. LG Hi – Fi Plus DSD playback support itself, at the same time support the H3 B&O headphones. Unlike LG Cam Plus, LG Hi – Fi Plus does not affect the appearance of the G5 and human body engineering design, just changed the color part of the G5. More importantly, this kind of Hi – Fi sound is effective to the voice of any application, including the YouTube video online.

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