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Review of Apple Watch Price, Features, Weakness and More

Apple Watch is not just a simple smart watches, Apple Watch is Apple released in September 2014 with an intelligent Watch. Apple Watch has three series, Apple Watch Sport, Watch Apple and Apple Watch Edition. Three series of casing material for aluminum alloy, stainless steel and gold, at the same time can match with a variety of strap arbitrary combination.Apple Watch adopt the sapphire screen not afraid scraping, two screen sizes. Support phone, voice back to SMS, connect the car, the weather, flight information, map navigation, play music, measuring dozens of functions such as heartbeat, step, is a comprehensive health and motion tracking devices. Are ordinary, sports, custom three series, 18 k gold color aluminum metal materials. Apple Watch strap has a variety of colors to choose: silver, gold, red, green and white.With unexpected expensive price starting from $394 to $12,000. It works with iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus running on iOS 8.2 or later. Apple Watch surprisingly heavy, stainless steel version is tie-in leather wristbands reached 82.2 grams, is more heavier than 360 products such as Moto. Read the following Apple watch review in aspects of features and weakness to get more information.


Apple Watch Review

Like most smart watches, Watch Apple’s core function is to provide notice. In Taptic Engine feedback technology support, which can realize the vibration of the nuanced feelings, just like a real clock in on your wrist, the experience of this aspect is very good. Apple mentioned Apple Watch clock will focus, but because of the need to sleep screen save electricity, so you need to swing by motion sensor activation to dial, this operation is actually slightly exaggerated, screen does not always lit at the same time.Because the application can be installed, and many times Watch like a small Apple iPhone, but presents different ways of interaction. As time goes on, you will be more and more obviously feel the iPhone and Apple a balance between Watch, such as fast to Watch check text message or E-mail, running is easier to carry, etc., when you concentrate on doing something that is especially useful. But can not be ignored is that it will distract you more, in some cases also means that you should use Apple Watch to receive high priority level.


Apple Watch Features

New interface design and the operation to fit is not difficult, such as the Force Touch function, hard pressed under different interface screen will implement different functions, such as clear all notifications, playing music when switching source and so on. As for the information, calls, Siri and health, and other functions, to a large extent the second screen is equivalent to the iPhone, the iPhone you need to implement the connection, but can be achieved by Apple Watch operation, sometimes is not very convenient, such as on the small screen reading email.For the third party applications, with Android Wear have similar experience, basically divided into two types: a comprehensive function, a simplified version, the former is almost entirely replace iPhone applications, which provide a simple notification or remote control function.


Apple Watch Weakness

In the use of Apple Watch is largely a contradictory combination, sometimes it is very convenient, but sometimes it is very inconvenient. In shaking the wrist to check the time on your way to work, for example, are a little silly, but in the subway, often need to use both hands operation Apple Watch, obviously is placed in the hands of coffee cup. Notice, in part due to Taptic Engine vibration time shorter and unable to custom, sometimes miss the message. You still need to stand the occasional card, Siri’s limited understanding or Emoji expressions do not have much meaning.The third party applications, Apple Watch did not show better usability, basically similar with other smart watches products. Most application such as CNN news show only the headline, a sentence, then invite you to use iPhone to continue reading the full text, not much meaning; A few educational type of gameplay, and how many users really can play game on the watch? Apple’s experience with the application of their own is good, especially like Apple Pay, Passbook, such as life application, can Pay to you by the wrist, boarding. Apple needs to face the next question is: how to guide software vendors, develop truly good Apple Watch applications.

Apple Watch have two size 38 mm and 42 mm, unlike other smart watches for women is not very friendly. 42 mm stainless steel version, however, even the general men wear, also slightly a little thick. At the same time, although the rain will not pose a threat to it, but you can’t wear it to take a bath.

Worth buying

Technically, you don’t need to Watch, the Apple iPhone has can meet all needs. Can’t deny it, of course, is an attractive new toy, a clever gizmos or mobile phone accessories, but now is not the necessary tools. Maybe one day, Apple would find a better way, the Apple Watch into a you really need to Watch. But from a technical perspective, Watch is an extension of the iPhone, Apple provides a liquidity, as long as used properly, you will find it is a very good life assistant.If you like Apple Watch, can regard it as a high-tech toy, but it is not the real fashion technology.



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