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The fastest in the history of apple iOS9 four months permeability reached 75%

Apple’s latest iOS nine operating system since its launch four months, has won 75% of the permeability (as of January 11, 2016), in November last year, increased by 5%

Apple’s latest iOS App Store developers page data, there are 75% of the iOS device running iOS is 9 system. With market penetration growth iOS9 system, the old version of iOS system share natural decrease, permeability iOS8 system down to 19%, the remaining share for the rest of the old version of the iOS system. In order to you can smooth on the ios 9 DVD movies, this article will guide you how to rip/convert DVD movies to MP4 to watch on iOS 9 system of iPhone/iPad.


IOS 9 current penetration speed 8 a lot faster than iOS, the permeability of the latter at the same time is 68%. Apple’s iOS 8 system took six months to 77% penetration. Compared with iOS 7 and iOS 6 system, apple’s iOS 8 system penetration speed is very slow, besides itself exists loopholes and a lack of window function, iOS 8 system takes up the space is relatively large, at least it requires the user to 5 GB of space on your phone to get updated. In the iOS9 system, apple will update the size of this kind of system to only be about 1.3 GB, able to reach less than a third of the iOS 8 space needed.


This week, Apple released iOS 9.3 beta, new night mode and education function.