How to Remove DVD Protection or Unlock DVD Region Code

DVD is so commonly used nowadays due to its huge storage advantage; I had to find a way to store all my movies and videos on DVDS in the hope that I was able to keep all of my videos forever!

I’m a huge video and movie fan and I love collecting all my movies that I love and also watch the latest right away. Buying the software to decode the DVD region code is the best thing I ever did! I was able to unlock dvd region so that I could watch dvds from regions such as USA Canada region 1) , Europe and Japan (region 2) and Taiwan , Hong Kong and South Korea ( region3 ). These were the DVD region codes I was most interested in and try to keep up with some of the latest stuff from these places.

As you know most commercially produced DVDs are always encrypted with region coding, the DVD protection is done by DVD CSS (called Content Scramble System.) You need the software to enable to unlock DVD region and allow seeing the movies and DVDs in the other regions.

The sole purpose of the dvd CSS is dvd protection or protect copyrights by preventing the pirating of DVDs. DVD Ghost was recommended to me from a friend who raved on about it so got it to try. I’ve never looked back as it was able to removes all kinds of restrictions (dvd CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS etc.) from the DVD protection.

It used to be such a problem for me as I wanted to watch British DVDS with all the comedies that I like back home , but when I buy them there and go back to watch it in the US . The DVD region code is encrypted in the DVDS I buy from abroad and the first time I bought it back and tried watching I was so disappointed when I couldn’t. Then I just never bought for many years and couldn’t get up to date with all the stuff I wanted to see! So only now after getting the DVD ghost, I’m able to watch all the DVds and I feel like I’m making up for lost time. I wish I bought it many much earlier then I wouldn’t have missed out on so much. The DVD region code used to be such a problem for me as my US DVDS wouldn’t work in the Uk and also vice versa.